One Little Piggy

While visiting Cave-in-Rock State Park we took the ferry over to Kentucky on several occasions.  Sometimes to tour and sometimes to eat.  One day we were driving through Amish country in Marion County, KY and there was a field of pigs and their piglets.  Larry saw this large mud puddle in the dirt so I went over to it to capture this unusual sight and the pig flew out of the mud and out of sight.  Later on, as we were heading back, we saw them again and pulled over.  None of the pigs were in the puddle so I walked nearer to a mother pig and her family of piglets and asked them if they would please get in the puddle so I could take a photo.  Believe it or not, they all ran right into the puddle!  The piglets were too small to see over the mud but I captured their mom posing for me!  🙂

Copyright © 2018 Loralei U. Brown


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