7 thoughts on “City Methodist Church Ruins

    • Yes, it is interesting but also very dangerous! I believe I almost lost my life there that day and will never go again. There was a big gap in the floor on the top floor that could not be seen because of the grasses growing on the floor. I was about to take one more step when I noticed the huge gap! I still thank God for His protection and believe He alerted me to the gap because I had a sense to look down on the ground and saw it just seconds before I would have fallen to my death or been very hurt. They should condemn it and close it off. You do have to get permission to go in it but that probably doesn’t stop people. It’s still very dangerous and not worth a life.

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    • Thank you! It truly is a beautiful building. I wish I had seen it before it was destroyed. I can only imagine the extent of it’s beauty inside. I believe it’s Gothic Architecture.


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