Orange Sky Over the Michigan City Lighthouse

I always feel blessed when the sky is clear enough at night to get the Chicago skyline in back of the Michigan City Lighthouse.

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Conquering the Dune on Trail #9 ~ On the Way Up

At the end of the woods is a sandy path that leads to the top of Trail #9. It might not look like much but it’s steep and the sand is deep. Keep going! You are almost there.

Copyright © 2018 Loralei U. Brown

Indiana Dunes State Park Trail #9 ~ On the Way Up!


On the Way Up!

I started up at the top of trail #9 yesterday because I wanted to show you the clouds.  Today I realized that I would like to take you on the trail on the way up.  As you walk into the trail there’s a beautiful wooded area until you meet the sand dune going up.  Here’s a little bit of the woods you see on the way.  The trees provide good shade but remember to bring water on your hike because it gets hot at the top if the sun is out.

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